Nancy Blum
Central Corridor Light Rail Transit Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN

East Bank Station is located on the University of Minnesota's main campus. As a nod to the strength of their math and science programs, large spirographs cut out of thick stainless steel will be mounted along cast concrete sandblasted with the mathematical formulas that describe the 'path' of a hypocycloid.

Fabrication of Spirographs: Fedtech, St. Paul, MN
Surface Treatment: Concrete Arts, Hudson, WI
Engineering: Ken Green, Mattson Macdonald, Young, Minneapolis, MN
Design Documentation & Execution: Andrew Dodson
Graphic Design: Andrew Dodson, Arjen Noordeman

Central Corridor Light Rail Project (CCLRT)
This project involves integrating artwork into three distinct light rail stations along the CCLRT in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. Installed 2014

East Bank Station
East Bank Station
East Bank Station
East Bank Station
East Bank StationEast Bank Station